781 - Lincoln Design Co.'s Brand Practice No.01 "AID Network"


On the pilot episode of Lincoln Design Co.'s Brand Practice, we explore a design campaign Lincoln recently created for Element Skateboards and recent work the guys crafted for Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary. 

Today's Brand Practice is the branding of the AID Network. As host, Mark Brickey diversifies his programming efforts beyond the original podcast Adventures In Design the guys went through hundreds of sketches to get the newly forming network logo just right. Hear from the client side the briefing and vision of the brand and from Lincoln's design perspective hear how they made the design decisions they pursued. It's a rare conversation where you get to listen to the client and artist perspective at the same time, but that's the idea of this show to give everyone a 360º view of the tricky task of making brands that are built to last. 

Episode Artwork