782 - Why Did Solo Fail? How Does StarWars Handle It's First Failure? Comment Below


OK, Solo is far from being a total failure, but it did go way over budget and not deliver the returns that the previous three films have under the new Disney ownership. We always study the big wins to find our tips on success, so what can the creative community learn from this space opera stumble.

This episode also looks at Disneyland's adjusted Annual Pass program punishing the hardcore fans to make moves for next summer's Galaxy's Edge opening and explore the Pixar Pier preview ticket that didn't sell out. Has Disneyland finally found a price point the loyal fans will reject?

In The Circle of Trust we look at the creative workarounds for Dolly Parton's genius concept for a Netflix series, how will they fix Orange Is The New Black and the Rosanne debacle showed the private sector policing its own better / faster than Washington ever could dream of. All of this and a lot of fun as we study big media moves to better our own.