746 - Lincoln Design Co. III - Branding Your Company Is The Best Way To Get Hired


Today In Part One Of Lincoln Design Co. III

  • Lincoln has found a new home and built a halfpipe in the basement to celebrate, Mark asks about the reality of making your dream factory. 
  • We explore Lincoln's relationship with Nike and how it works, working with an industry giant. 
  • The Lincoln look covers a full spectrum of products and brands, and we hear how they approach designing for all ages.
  • How does a busy shop like Lincoln find the time to make so much internal branding and merchandise. 
  • Does it help having a fanbase of fellow designers that do your exact job? Are you feeding the competition or laying down a base for the future? 
  • How working for Lincoln leads to some of their biggest jobs they ever did for others. 
  • How Portland works as the perfect backdrop for their studio and lives. 
  • A major announcement about something fun happening in Portland. 

In The Circle of Trust. Exclusive Paid Member Content. 

Can AID and Lincoln work together in a mutually beneficial working relationship?