745 - Comment Below April TV Preview Part II


Today In Part One Of Comment Below

  • Pushing it off to get it right! Admiring the Disney, Star Wars and Marvel attitude of trying not to let bad movies get out the front door. 
  • Extras fans want real behind the scenes material not fake news edits to promote a movie that you've already bought tickets and the blue ray. 
  • Learning how to turn up your energy level for performing correctly, so that you don't come off low energy and flat, but also don't come off like an energetic maniac. 
  • Brickey loves The Rock but swears he's not spending a minute of his time watching Rampage. 
  • The fall of Shia Labeouf and how this makes AID regular Dan Kuhlken happy. 
  • Is an Amy Schumer movie trying to sneak it's way out, a look at how some films limp their way to the theater?
  • Hear what the guys have been watching and what you should try to see in April. 
  • The Stranger Things cast is all locked in with shiny new raises for season three. 
  • Is Better Call Saul ever coming back on?

In The Circle of Trust. Exclusive Paid Member Content. 

  • Adam Sandler is just done with being funny. 
  • Looking at the Marvel Cinematic Universe schedule and getting you ready for next week's Infinity War Tailgate Party. 
  • The most significant old Viking prank. 
  • Did Jack Bauer save the world with shit in his pants? 
  • Mort assigns homework for next week's tailgate party!