727 - Shop Talk “It’s Mentality Not A Reality”


Today on Sop Talk

  • How long did it take you to learn how to manage your expectations on the projects that you get hired for?
  • Learning that others will often lack the vision for follow through of good ideas.
  • What we're working on. 
  • Creating your workflow and system for a workspace that's organized and keeps you productive. 
  • Exploring the great sin of judging your success based off of others success. 
  • Are you taking the money out of the bank early? To live the life you want to live, right now? 
  • We break your news on figuring out your pricing, which really means an exercise in understanding your value. 
  • Being in love with your craft remains the cornerstone of success. 

In The Circle of Trust

  • The scary feeling when people your age start to die of natural causes. 
  • Mark & Billy take your requests and share ghost stories and meetings from the other side?
  • Billy is frustrated by his love of defending DC Comics. 
  • NRA using Leslie Knope without permission. 
  • Hot Takes - More guns in school?
  • How morons argue using horrible parallels. 
  • When social media influencers take their audience away from the brands, they once represented. 
  • The new faces of advertising are defacing the brands that made them both rich and famous. The ads are fighting back! 
  • How learning to "Manipulate the media" can turn press-released stories into free press for free marketing.