732 Shop - Circle of Trust Exclusive Episode


Mark and Billy are back for an exclusive Circle of Trust only episode of Shop Talk. Thanks for being a subscriber and supporter of Adventures In Design. 

  • Billy's new podcast is coming soon and shares all the beans "Animated - The Podcast Series."
  • Today, we learn all about Billy the lonely high school years. 
  • Mark is excited to be a future guest on Billy's podcast and promises to show up unprepared. 
  • To never be outdone Mark has started a new side project, Brickey VLOG on YouTube. Hear about how maybe he's allowing himself to have a hobby? 
  • Brickey's rules on not having rules. 
  • Dan Stiles color plagirist. Just when you thought you've heard it all. 
  • Billy has been hair trolling Mark.
  • Racists logos, when branding goes too far. 
  • How parenting has changed Billy's tolernace for child related news stories. 
  • Billy rebrands another sports team. 
  • A look at the agency world and the future of advertising. 
  • All of this and so much more nonesense on a classic Shop Talk episode.