March TV Preview Part Two: Billions S3, The Americans S6, The Mechanism, Trust & Krypton on Comment Below


A Comment Below rundown of mentionable TV release dates for the second half of March 2018. Hear what's a hit and what's probably shit. 

  • Nothing is controversial anymore in media. There's only content and crimes, and it's hard to make controversy for the sake of promotion. 
  • McDonald's and their McManipulation of the media for consistent free press. 
  • Video game franchises turned into films, has it ever really worked out well? 
  • The working actor balance of getting paid and making what you want to be made. 
  • Who would have ever predicted at the end of Mad Men that Elisabeth Moss would have a much better career than John Hamm? 

March TV Preview Part Two:

The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter 03.16
Roxanne Roxanne 03.23

Wild Wild Country 03.16
The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling 03.26
Beyond the Opposite Sex 03.16

Probably Shit
Roseanne 03.27
The Terror 03.26
Krypton 03.21

Probably Hits
Silicon Valley S5 03.25
Barry 03.25
Trust 03.25
The Mechanism 03.23
The Americans S6 03.23
Billions S3 03.25