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Did the Grinch Really Steal Christmas?
The Grinch and Wreck-It Ralph got out of the gate early and have been stealing the box wins. The strategy in being first and having the calendar to grow.

It Doesn't Feel Like Christmas Without Star Wars.
A YouTube creator named Star Wars Theory has attempted to bridge the holiday gap with a fan-funded film centered around Vader.

Can The Star Wars Galaxy Be Saved?
Did Disney and Lucas Film bite off more than they can chew is the Star Wars universe to small for all of the big long-term plans?

What's Missing Here?
Is the 2018 holiday movie season missing that bigger than life breakout film? Do we have a weak batch of properties pulled from retirement this season? Can Mary Poppins replace Star Wars and save Christmas?

Top 12 December Move Releases.
Mark and Sean break down 12 of the biggest and best movies showing up at the cinema for December.

In The Circle of Trust.

What Happened To Sean Mort?
Mark and Sean talk all about Sean Mort not making it to America for his week of shows and Disneyland. What went wrong and how does the heart heal with the massive disappointment of so many plans canceled. Never Forget What Never Happened

Was Designer Con Worth It?
An honest review of the show from the vendors perspective. Is Designer Con the show that the world of design was looking for?

December Movie Guide

01 Ben Is Back  - 07 December 2018

02 Welcome to Marwen - 21 December 2018

03 The Mule - 14 December 2018

04 Destroyer - 25 December 2018

05 Vice - 25 December 2018

06 Bumblebee - 21 December 2018

07 Aquaman - 21 December 2018

08 Holmes & Watson - 21 December 2018

09 Vox Lux  - 07 December 2018

10 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse  - 14 December 2018

11 Mary Poppins Returns - 19 December 2018

12 The Mercy  - 30 November 2018