692 - Satan's Pirates - The 7th Tube of Christmas by Forefathers

COT - Satan's Pirates by Forefathers
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Satan's Pirates T-Shirt
By Adventures In Design & Violent Gentlemen
Designed By Circle of Trust Member
Emir Ayouni of Forefathers

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You can't have Christmas without Christ, and you can't have good without evil. Our 7th Tube of Christmas "Satan's Pirates" by Forefathers gives everyone a new blouse to wear over to grandma's house. 

Emir Ayouni, Jonden Jackson, and Matthew Portland Hay the Forefathers join Adventures In Design for their second appearance. In today's episode, we take a look at trends of 2017 that annoyed us, while looking forward to a hopeful 2018 where we can agree on the real truths versus the agreed upon truths. While honesty is everyone involved in this conversations best policy it's often shunned or picked apart. However, letting go of the wrong people seems to help us all find the right people. A look at finally adding the fourth father to the mix, remembering to put the you in URL and so much more is awaiting you in this fun end of the hear hangout from 4 grumpy middle-aged men.