691 - Dan Stiles Box Of Intrigue - The 8th Tube of Christmas by The Logo Show


Remember a time when you were younger and the holidays were a time of magic, mystery all based on a leap of faith? The 8th Tube of Christmas, the Dan Stiles Box Of Intrigue will make you feel like a kid a Christmas one more time because no one knows what's inside, not even Dan Stiles.

The Logo Show reaches it's final appearance in 2017 remembering a couple of branding pioneers that have passed. We say goodbye to Rich Roat of House Industries and branding legend Ivan Chermay. What can we learn from these fantastic careers, does it shine a light on our design futures? Billy takes a stab at redesigning UPS by adding in the eagle but making sure to leave the brown alone. We look at a couple of listener request rebrands and we meet our new logo show star Megan 'The Producer" Learn. 

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