695 - Happy Hanukkah Dave Kloc - The 4th Tube of Christmas by Dave Kloc

Dave Kloc's 8 Tubes of Hanukkah

Dave Kloc is offering 8 tubes with five mystery prints between 11” x 17” and 18” x 24 in” size and between comedy, art prints, and gig posters. Some things you can look forward to are odd Meltdown posters from years passed, concert posters of shows you didn’t go to, and art prints to spice up ANY bathroom wall!


Happy Hanukkah Dave Kloc! That's right everyone's favorite funny guy stops by to celebrate the festival of lights, but what he doesn't know is that his gentile pal Mark Brickey has eight great Hanukkah gifts up his sleeve to give. For the first time, Kloc runs out of words and sarcastic comments when the Hanukkah spirit takes over the AID airwaves. In part two of today's holiday episode, we do Poster Tales with Dave Kloc, we all know every project has a story and Dave shares some of his from a fantastic year of great projects and even better career timing. Someone is looking out for Mr. Kloc! Could it be Los Angel Brickley?