694 - Big Gay Holiday - The 5th Tube of Christmas by Connie Collingsworth

COT - Connie Collingsworth Pin And Patch Sets
25.00 30.00

Connie Collingsworth has two mystery packs for you.

Journey Pack - Remember the journey that Connie has been on with Print Mafia and California Doom. Get randomly picked pins and patches from this period in her journey.

Future Pack - The future is female and gay, well at least for Connie's popular Butch and Sissy product line. Get randomly picked pins and patches for the LGBT friends and family on your Christmas list or maybe just for you! 

Both Packs Include

  • High Quality Embroidered Patches
  • Enamel Pins
  • Pulled At Random
  • Total Retail Value Well Beyond Pack Price

Gay artist Connie Collingsworth shares her joy in making a product line that celebrates the LGBT community with Butch & Sissy. Connie talks about leaving Print Mafia and shares her picks for best five TV shows in 2017.