681 - Alex Pardee


Alex Pardee is a freelance artist, apparel designer, and comics creator-writer.

Episode Talking Points & Topics:

Mark opens the show with a look at 1,628 lies in 298 days and an exploration of the power of suggestion and how you can use your willpower to succeed or to create personal sabotage. 

Alex Pardee explains not only finding his path to entrepreneurship but eventually finding his voice as a creative after failing at early attempts at being a comic illustrator. Hear how Alex managed to get out of his comfort zone of being an illustration loner and not only finding a way to get out of his shell but finding a way to learn how to love meeting people that supported his art. When Alex was hired by Zack Snyder to help create the look of the major motion picture Sucker Punch, a project out of his comfort zone of self-initiated work, discover how it forced him to learn how to work quickly on unfamiliar subject matters. 

Circle Of Trust Paid Bonus Content Talking Points & Topics:

Alex explains his unique self-taught method of illustration, spoiler alert; it's probably the exact opposite way that you imagine. We also learn how a life of self-doubt is behind Alex and how he's determined to permit himself to be successful at chasing down his own projects. He's finally genuinely working for himself, Alex Pardee.