680 - Johnny Cupcakes, Skinner, JRYU, Never Made Recorded At DCON 2017


Everyone on today's panel, recorded live at Designer Con 2017, started just like you with an idea in a sketchbook. Hear how each of the fearless creators were able to go beyond their day jobs and tackle the world of directing, streetwear, retail, and industrial design. Johnny Cupcakes, Skinner, and J*RYU are all far from being done making their mark in their respective creative fields, and Never Made's Francisco Reyes JR of Never Made is just getting started at crushing his. Hear each of them explain how they got started and at what moment they each realized what the real objective of being creatively satisfied truly is. 

Today is also the Circle of Trust's 3rd year anniversary, November 14th, 2014 Mark Brickey flipped the switch and took the biggest gamble of his career. Hear a heartfelt thank you to each of you for helping allow the show to grow and hear why 590 episodes later we are all hearing today's meaningful conversation with our crazy talented panel of guests.