662 - The VACVVM Week - Chapter: III - Brandon Holt


Part One:
Broadcasting live from a fishing boat in the mighty Missipppi river floating down the banks of Minneapolis, Minnesota we learn the love and passion that today's guest, a founding member of The VACVVM, Brandon Holt has for fishing, art, and tattooing. We follow along with early origins of Brandon Holt's illustration career and learn about his first paying job doing a commercial illustration for his mom and then quickly after discovering the quick paced grind of being a tattoo artist. When Brandon was looking to find someone that could make prints of his artwork, the printmaking world realized it quickly had just discovered a future talent that would create fans, collectors and memorable pieces of art. Sit back, pull out a Camel cigarette, pop open an Old Style and float downstream with the soon to be Johnny Appleseed of forest porn and the only artist we know that's surviving the apocalypse, Brandon Holt. 

Part Two: The Circle Of Trust
- The escapism that Brandon enjoys from artwork and nature. 
- Fundamental differences in boat culture vs. car culture and how these two vehicles make people act very differently. 
- How fishing and being on the river influence the artwork and subject matters that Brandon takes on in his illustration work for The VACVVM. 
- Composition theory by Brandon Holt, maybe the best 10 seconds of art talk in AID history. 
- Difference and similarities in selling original artwork and tattoos.