362 - The Collection with Huck Gee - Part 4: Jason Freeny

Episode 362 - The Collection with Huck Gee - Part 4: Jason Freeny 

The Collection is back and this time Mark and Huck Gee sit down and talk with Jason Freeny about developing his dissection style he has come to be known for throughout his career. Jason made a decision to pursue artistic success by becoming known for one distinct look that is thoroughly explored over the timeline of a career and we get to hear about that journey in today's episode. 

Talking Points

- Huck has just released Le Sabre and he shares his process in creating it. 

- How to handle technology fucking you over and minimizing the damage it does through various work habits. 

- Designer Toy Industry cement secrets.

- Creating hype for new product releases for your audience.

- Traveling with your merchandise and planning for various airline's shipping policy.

- Jason discusses how he developed his style of dissecting various characters.

- Choosing to work with pop culture imagery and treading into the murky legal waters of Intellectual Property Laws. 

- Receiving artistic attention for your own work or receiving attention for working with well known pop culture imagery. 

- Developing a pricing structure based around time invested and what your market can afford.

- Handling creative fatigue when you work within a distinct style across many years and keeping your audience engaged as well. 

- Demystifying the internet personas of artists and realizing your peers can be just as lost and confused as you are. 

Talking Points in the Circle Of Trust

- Why Huck and Jason sell artistic prints of their characters and how customers respond to the alternate mediums. 

- A customers perception of what "Out Of Stock" means versus what "Sold Out" means. 

- Why grayscale variants look so fucking cool.

- Choosing to work with a distribution company when you work alone.

- Placing your artwork in a template to analyze the form, colors, and details.

- Mark uncovers a secret international bromance in Singapore.