360 - State Of The Podcast with Sean Mort and David Defeo

Episode 360 - State Of The Podcast with Sean Mort and David Defeo

It’s that time of the month again where Mark sits down with Sean Mort and David Defeo to analyze the business that is Adventures In Design. February was the second month of our new programming schedule and now we are able to stack things up against January’s numbers as well as last years numbers. Hear how each episode in February ranked in terms of downloads, engagement, and working to convert free listeners into believers of the Circle Of Trust.

Talking Points

- Get caught up on all the latest TV news from the allure of Daredevil to The People Vs. OJ Simpson. After a week off you know Mark, Sean, and David can’t just sit down and get back to work.

- Looking at the month of February across the entire history of AID.

- How the free show factors into the total picture of the podcast both financially and form a promotional standpoint.

- What happens when Mark takes time away from the podcast to fulfill his civic duty.

- The effects of landing a big fish as a guest or bringing in new voices with enriching stories.

- Doing what you love for your career and how that shines through into your overall perspective in life

- Being vulnerable on air and how Mark allows himself to be more than one person throughout the episodes.

- Looking at other markets and learning to apply the lessons learned to your own career.

- Creating variety on the guest list and how to expand our audience reach.

- Why DKNG is the fucking best.

- Stacking up Episode 326 through 340.