COT007 - Brian Behm

Brian Behm is the Motion Design Director at Rooster Teeth and has been with the company long before they earned the attention of (literally) millions of YouTube Subscribers. Rooster Teeth has just finished a crowd funded, feature length film called Lazer Team and Brian had a heavy hand in working on the Future UI throughout the film which he had... never done before. Hear how Brian took his work ethic and creativity to take him into uncharted territory and come back with a whole new set of otherworldly skills (sort of like the plot of Lazer Team).

Talking Points

  • The return of the child Mark kicked out of Mondo Con 2.
  • Crowdfunding options and strategies.
  • What it's like going from ten people to being the Top Ten of Non News on YouTUbe.
  • Making a splash in the closely guarded entertainment industry.
  • What is Future UI?
  • Weighing the options of outsourcing or learning it all on your own.
  • How to take on a project by yourself that normally takes six people to do.
  • The accomplishment of getting your fans to like your work and getting people who arent your fans yet to like your work.