You thought you were going to feel high and dry without the People's Champ and his not so unofficial manager Hollywood Brickey keeping you company on a Monday didn't you. Don't worry, your favorite international bromance got together for some exclusive content that they couldn't keep short even if they tried (they tried). Mark and Sean start out casual with some pop culture and then steer right into a discussion about Sean and Mark's individual careers that covers some important ground about the concept, work ethic, and overall attitude it takes to work for yourself asa creative.  

Talking Point

    • Rogue One talk (sponsored by Alan Campbell Art).
    • Gambling on lesser known intellectual properties.
    • Will Smith's legacy.
    • Behind the scenes on the first quarter of Sean Mort going full time.
    • How to plan out the workflow for your year as a freelance.
    • Making Art. Building a story. Creating a customer base.
    • Monetizing Sean's Future Craft Fair.
    • The fine line in giving someone a deal and making money for yourself.
    • Mark's return to the Wonderground Gallery at Disneyland.
    • Nesting details in your work.
    • The benefits in analyzing other professionals work.
    • Saying "no" to the Deftones.
    • Mark's new outlook on Adventures In Design.