193 - Tom Whalen Strong Stuff

The king of composition, illustrator/graphic designer Tom Whalen makes his 3rd appearance on Adventures In Design to celebrate his fist ever solo Pulp Menagerie show at the Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas and the launch of his new business Inforama. 

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 193
- Out of sight out mind is best with shipping.
- The cash flow struggles of creating a solo art show.
- We learn about Tom’s routines and life balance after one year of working 100% freelance.
- Mark gives Tom advice on not overthinking his website and redesigning with Square Space.
- Knowing you’re a true creative when illustrated curves bring out your animal instincts.
- We talk about the artwork Tom created for his solo show Pulp Menagerie.
- Tom explains his purpose for variant print runs.
- Using a top level layer that creates perfect boarders.
- Wanting to do one off artwork but not being able to justify time spent.
- How a client revision help create one of Tom’s best pieces of all time.
- The love of research to make infographics. 
- The benefit of illustrators that have great graphic design backgrounds.

In The Circle of Trust (paid content)
- Tom’s mindset of “If I Apply Myself, The Work Will Get Done”
- Making the decision to stay positive and enjoy the busy times.
- The importance of having a private workspace when working at home. 
- Working creative directors that don’t want to hear others ideas.
- Getting your ideas out of your head.
- Mark tries to convince Tom into creating some passive income projects and gives advice on how to make results not excuses.