192 - Shop Talk "Spawn of Billy"

Congratulations to Billy Baumann & his wife Anne Benjamin who just announced that the “Spawn of Billy” has been created. Mark & James are two of the most considerate fiends ta guy could ever have and spend over thirty minutes stressing Billy out before they decide to start a baby shower company titled “When It Rains It Pours Baby Showers”. Billy has other growing pains too, Delicious is contemplating moving into a space that’s twice as big and 4.5 times as expensive as their current studio. James offers calculated advice and while Mark demands they shit or get off of the pot and move as fast as they can. 

In The Circle of Trust (paid content)
Mark and Billy can’t say enough good things about Mad Max, in fact Billy says too much and the Billy Buzzer shows up. Mark opens up listener mail on air and asks James about the process of drawing perfect trees and other illustrated vegetation.