172 - David Stowe of Vannen Watches

Watch designer David Stowe of Vannen Watches talks about his inspirational moment of changing his life and starting his business. 

Talking Points of AID 172
- The magic of Swatch Watch in 1980s.
- Designing every piece of the watch to create an overall product experience.
- Selling IP products versus selling original art pieces.
- Working with Descendents.
- The balance of working with big name properties and trying to make great products.
- Keeping a balanced release schedule to use big releases to fund introduction pieces.
- The commute from work that changed David’s life, when he decided to spend the next year planning his escape into entrepreneurship.
- Making excuses to not try.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- The cash flow of production
- Investing time into figuring out your product design and production.
- Creating a production relationship with your manufacturer.
- Thoughts on unlicensed work, when you’re paying licensing fees.
- Working with limited edition product lines.
- The behind the scenes story of his official Breaking Bad watch release.