171 - Tad Carpenter “Working Hard”

Illustrator Tad Carpenter talks about working hard and making his own luck in life.

Talking Points of AID 171
- Email management and frustrations.
- Working fast, moving fast.
- Our early days of coming out of the lost years.
- Tad talks about his father’s career as in illustrator and how much things have changed but stayed the same.
- Sharing the same career path as pops, the ups and downs.
- Working with your spouse.
- Identifying change and knowing when to make the big moves.
- Do the dream clients bring the dream paydays???
- Being addicted to good design, in all aspects of your life.
- Keeping social media under control. 

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- How Tad built equally great social media accounts.
- Living within a signature style and how to evolve while still protecting your brand.
- Using your internal work to land you the bigs.
- Making big moves