137 - Brian Talbert “Violent Gentlemen”


Brian Talbert is a Orange County based apparel designer and 1/3 owner of the very popular company Violent Gentlemen. Violent Gentlemen makes clothing for hockey fans with a mutual love for good looking design. 

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 137
- Punk Rockers learning to love sports later in life.
- Loving the challenge of commercial art. 
- The happiness of making a brand that you friends can enjoy.
- Applying the punk rock aesthetic to sports. 
- Starting smart with a small investment in creating a large company.
- Being “Inspired By” and existing in a 100% legal space.
- Using hot chicks and tattooed guys as models.  

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- How to go from 2 designs to 150 in 4 years.
- Determining size runs. 
- Committing to new designs.
- Going beyond blanks and getting into cut n sew. 
- Using social media in a smart way to build a interactive fan base. 
- Giving back to your audience.
- Best and worst in sports team designs. 
- Staying true to your niche.