Episode 106 - Jeral Tidwell “Skill Versus Craft”

Episode 106 - Jeral Tidwell “Skill Versus Craft”


Episode 106 - Jeral Tidwell “Skill Versus Craft”
Jeral Tidwell voted best guest of 2014 returns to give us all a New Year's kick in the asshole!

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 104
• We congratulate Jeral Tidwell for having the most popular show from 2014.
• How healthy competition helps attract us to others and create great friendships.
• Too much talent being a bad thing, being a little hungry is the best spot to be.
• Believing what you think and letting that motivate you.
• We return to the pre promotion / post promotion debate.
• Hear how Jeral’s frustration with the current market of paint brushes inspired him to launch his own line of brushes.
• Jeral’s $10,000 brass nuckle jewelry experiment. 
• Racing against the clock to just get it done.
• Jeral share’s with us his Skill versus Craft concept.

In The Circle of Trust (Your Paid Content Bonus)
• How Jeral built a 2,000 SQFT dream art space behind his home and tips on how to improve your work space.
• Creating a good space your world, helps create a good space in your mind.
• The benefits of creating different work spaces for the different jobs you do.
• The Monday Night Art Jams that Jeral and Sarah throw every Monday night in their art space. 
• Getting out of your space and learning from others.
• Absorbing concepts from other artists and applying it into your own work.
• Are you playing to win or playing to not lose?

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