From The Circle of Trust Vault - Aesthetic Apparatus AID003

Originally Released February 3, 2012

Originally Released February 3, 2012


Why are you listening to an episode that was originally released 2,070 days ago? Well maybe it’s because Dan Ibarra is coming back on the show this Thursday, for AID655 “The Exit Interview”, where Dan will share with us all the reasons why he decided to step away from his day job as an active graphic designer and co-owner at Aesthetic Apparatus. AID655 is a conversation where we learn how to look at what we really should be doing with our time versus what we think we should be doing with it. However, before we can look into the future lets take a look at the past and hear the third episode ever of Adventures In Design when Billy was always on the show, when Dan and Mark were still full time designers and Michael wasn’t the only guy at Aesthetic Apparatus. Enjoy this classic episode and while you think about our past, contemplate your own!

Original Episode Notes

Mark's feeling down about the lack of podcasting popularity, Billy tries to cheer him up by inviting Dan & Michael from Aesthetic Apparatus to join them on a skiing trip... antics ensue.