648 - Shop Talk with OKpants

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If you don't already have the drum out and you aren't already banging it then you're doing this whole thing wrong because it's time for Shop Talk. In this Circle Of Trust Exclusive Release Mark and OKpants take a look at where the creative field has been, where it is, and where it will be in 2027 (assuming the world still hasn't nuked itself within a bee's dick of oblivion by then). As the boys look into the future they also examine the present and uncover to make the most of it. Do you want to know the secret to a happy life? Will the end be what you thought it was going to be? Were you aware of your induction to the Juggalos? This Shop Talk isn't for the weak-kneed or faint of heart because all these ensuing antics will shake you down to your foundation and hopefully, when the dust settles, you're a better creative for it. Now get up off the mat and get back out there because there is plenty more fighting to do

Talking Points

  • Mid life dieting tactics and skipping a part of the art.
  • Looking at the past to predict the future. 
  • Analog rises again and the "workforce" fades away. 
  • Uncovering the only rule to survival. 
  • What can going back to school do to you?
  • Knowing who you are is more important than doing what you want. 
  • Altering your habits and feeling better. 
  • Time, money, and happiness. 
  • The open road, the success of your friends, and Emmy haircuts. 
  • The end might not be what you thought it was. 
  • Accomplishment versus Fulfillment. 
  • Problems, Juggalos, and jealousy. 
  • Getting off the mat for another amazing day. 
  • Learning to take criticism. 



A creative's work is never done and Esao Andrews is a perfect example of that. With his vast success and critical acclaim he still looks to continually adapt his craft to the ever changing landscape of consumption.

If you're looking to find yourself this is a great place to collect your thoughts, take stock of your talents, and gauge the time you have to pull off the next big challenge in your life. This is the first step. Do it.

Sonny Day joins Mark on AID 406 to talk about his pivot into the gallery world. He and Biddy bank on their confidence to accomplish and take on the Ludlow Creative Space in Orange to bring their world back to where they live.