638 - Shop Talk with Sean Mort

Cover Design by fellow Circle of Trust Member Graydon Speace  graydonspeace.com

Cover Design by fellow Circle of Trust Member Graydon Speace graydonspeace.com

Shop Talk starts your week off right as Mark and Sean take on the world one topic at a time. The International Bromance begin by tackling a listener's important question about licensing artwork and further explain when they each decided to start making all of the money their creations were generating. The episode continues with some industry news from some AID Alumni and we also review what the Circle Of Trust has to say from the comments section. Pop Talk, Clark's Corner, and a rebooted Movie Game all make their way into another jam packed Circle Of Trust Exclusive Episode but there are a few things you won't find. There aren't any apologies for paying attention to the world at large and there most definitely isn't a full minute to spare for young Henry. Antics ensue.

Talking Points

  • Declaring Email Bankruptcy and learning from Biggie.
  • Licensing a design, getting your fair cut, and tactfully trying to find the best strategy moving forward. 
  • The pivot to becoming a creator making one hundred percent of the money. 
  • Huck Gee, unfortunately, throws in the towel and The Collection gets put on the shelf. 
  • Bonethrower throws Mark a bone to do a written interview in the two-hundredth issue of Juxtapoz. 
  • The ups and downs that are all part of the ride and finding the balance in life.
  • Cat people that own dogs, dog people that own cats, and Uncle Tommy's beautiful cakes. 
  • Will the film industry suffer the same fate as the music industry?
  • Pop talk, Scorsese, and caring about DCU. 
  • Circle Of Trust Members start making covers for Monday's show. 
  • Clark's Corner overcomes last week's fake news. 
  • Not even one full minute for Henry. 
  • Paying attention on "Adventures In Let Me Shove My Political Views Down Your Throat" and never apologizing for what you care about. 
  • Growing up with your audience and letting your art adapt without feeling trapped within your own style guide. 
  • The Movie Game gets a reboot. 



Is this the last episode of The Collection? If so... Mark and Huck sure ended this monthly segment on a high not with James Groman coming fresh off his achievments at the Designer Toy Awards.

The first COT cover and a whole lot of comments make last week's Shop Talk with Sean one to we'll never forget. Dog People with cats and a whole lot of antics await in AID 634.

Juxtapoz might have the most recent written interview with Bonethrower but we have hours of content form him back in our archives. Start with AID 478 and then move on to his other gems.