626 - Shop Talk with Sean Mort

The International Bromance returns to kick your week off with some serious hang time. It's no secret that Mark and Sean have an affinity for television shows and this episode runs the gamut of all things good being broadcast. The twist on AID is that we understand the creative's struggle and relate the lessons found not only within the plot points, but the production notes as well. Television is entertainment, fan retention, and viral videos all rolled into one and there are valuable lessons to be learned from Orange Is The New Black, Game Of Thrones, Fargo, and so much more. Wrap your mind around pacing a story, the freedom found in constraints, and how we plan on continually taking our guest appearances to the other side of the wall.

Talking Points

  • Scheduling AID for a year, the daunting task of keeping up, and the problem with time off. 
  • Investing in IPs. 
  • The importance of doing interviews live and in person.
  • Getting to the other side of the wall and finding what we can learn from new guests. 
  • Today's internet culture, True Detective, and searching for thirty minute comedies. 
  • Optimistic Americans enjoying apocalyptic times. 
  • Constraining Orange Is The New Black from its masturbatory season and suffering through too many options. 
  • Music as a passageway to your youth and wet hot American summers. 
  • A love letter to the ultimate hot chick, Los Angeles. 
  • Upgrading your problems. 
  • Speeding up the pacing on Game Of Thrones, recapping the last two episodes, and dream gigs that may be going on too long. 
  • Not your daddy's slavery and the other half of America that looks a lot like the Austin Motor Inn. 
  • The Sugar Knight, a bait and switch, and the final prick from the Queen of Thorns.
  • What has Trump done?
  • Celebrating the freedoms of press, the revolving door for our current administration, and fighting back. 
  • Season Three of Fargo gets its moment in the sun.
  • Standing inside the style guide of another creative's world and telling a whole new story. 
  • TV traps to be wary of and the breadcrumb trails to look out for. 

Getting to the other side of the wall? What do you mean? By interviewing creatives in various disciplines we are trying to continually open new doors that let us see into the world of so many applications of creating something from nothing.

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This one is a deep cut but hey... Mad Men was the closest look into our world we have yet to be broadcast. Join Mark and Connie as they recap the world of Don Draper and more after its series finale premiered. Spoilers are everywhere but by now you should have finished this.