622 - Jason Edmiston

If you found yourself at San Diego Comic Con then we know you saw what Jason Edmiston is capable of. From his Shive Force packaging for Skybound to his work for Master Of The Universe with Super 7 to the booth he has featuring decades of artistic talent, you couldn't have avoided him if you tried! Jason joins Mark to talk all things Comic Con and impart some of the secrets that separate him from so many other talented creatives out there. Listen closely as Jason doles out a master class in color, composition, and the accumulation of cash. Every episode with Jason is always filled with chicken nuggets on carving out your own niche in the creative profession so take notes, listen closely, and learn from our favorite friend from the Great White North.

Talking Points

  • Double Penetration fires back about our honest, industry criticism. 
  • Exhibiting your way to a break out year and the tent poles of Jason's business model. 
  • Harnessing the stoke. 
  • Giant loss leaders and the marketing mentality behind crafting a customer curve. 
  • The variety of art, subject matter, and color palettes. 
  • Nature's IP is defended by the Southern Lawyer. 
  • Pop color power moves. 
  • Shiva Force, Skybound, and a fun nod to GI Joe packaging. 
  • Jason's technique to get the unique pose you want in your illustration. 
  • A brief Art Rules And Color Theory class (take some notes). 
  • Booth sales, the importance of being there, and expanding your core audience to make consistent money in art through diversification. 
  • What money buys you in art and what Jason really got paid for Shiva Force. 
  • Coming to terms with your secret to success. 
  • Mastering Masters Of The Universe art with Super 7. 
  • Technology and the new American dream of fandom. 
  • The value of Visceral. 
  • Connecting the dots on the market. 
  • Robot Chicken, DKE, and a few San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Releases. 


With Visceral still in the works and a solo show on the horizon, Jason came onto to AID to once again impart his endless wisdom and business cunning with Mark at his side. If you missed AID 446 then it's time you rectified that.

Brian Flynn lets us into both of his worlds. Yeah! thats right. Brian Flynn has Hybrid Design and Super 7 that make him a veritable powerhouse in terms of things you wish you were doing. Sit down, listen, and learn from a true master.

You got some wisdom on saying "No" from the North with Jason... but don't miss some Redneck Wisdom on saying "No" from the south with Jeral Tidwell as he and Mark go over the financial freedoms of artistry and what it takes to say No.