616 - Dylan Garrett Smith III: Summertime Sadness

When your summertime sadness starts creeping in, it's time to fall back on your friends to get through your darker days... and not many are darker than Dylan Garrett Smith. It was the heart of winter last time we checked in on our hypothetical COT Employee and Mark is back to kick the tires and see how his plans are holding up. Fragrances, Fine Art, and Photography fill up today's interview as well as the heart to heart moments we have come to expect when these two get together. There is a lot to learn from Dylan's drive and determination that he makes seem so effortless, but don't forget he is putting in the time and it is all starting to pay off with his full schedule and dream projects closing in on completion.

Talking Points

  • Specialized design and Dark Nature at Last Rites. 
  • Sticking to your six month plan even when you're inundated with work you want to do. 
  • Dedicating yourself to the concept of you and chomping at the bit to do your own projects. 
  • Setting up your dungeon whole ass to become a print powerhouse. 
  • Pushing forward with fragrances and flexing some different creative muscles. 
  • Complacent to lazy to resentful and the many dangers of working for yourself. 
  • Summertime sadness creeps in. 
  • Low Spirits and romanticizing the past. 
  • The Healthcare Battle, the Free Press, and the protester just there to throw a Molotov Cocktail. 
  • The bad asses who are standing up and fighting back for their own health and well being. 

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • Creating your own photography for packaging design to smooth out the process. 
  • Social media strategies and the reason for repeating imagery. 
  • Scheduling that makes sense and that billionaire follow. 
  • Ticks where they don't belong. 
  • Buying skulls for Big Rick. 
  • Real life Circle Of Trust Meetups and making instant friends. 
  • Coming to grips with other people's mortality instead of your own. 
  • Exit strategies, processing random life events, and relativity. 

Head back six months in time to Dylan's return to the AID Airwaves. With his origin story out of the way Mark and Dylan get into how he works and the drive that keeps him going.

Here it is. The interview that Dylan listened to twice because it was that damn good. If you missed MIkel's interview than do yourself a favor and listen to it at least once.

Creep Week was our introduction to where the shadow meets the light and our good friend Dylan Garrett Smith.Don't miss how it all started and where the eyepatch came from.