607 - Hammer Time Fourth Of July BBQ Special with Mike Hammer, Mark Brickey, and Gustavo Jaimes

Gather round the grill as three red, white, and blue Americans basque in the glorious freedom bestowed upon them by their brave predecessors in this special Fourth Of July edition of Hammer Time. With an unmatched determination and unwavering grit our forefathers and foremothers sacrificed to forge a nation where everyone would be created equal and dreams could become reality. Mike, Gus, and Mark honor them by sharing their own tales from a modern day America filled with Wild Babes, Nigerian Prawns, and the joy of celebrating Christmas Time in July. Revel in the nail biting showdown between Gus and Hammer as they each take the US Citizenship Test with a sweetened pot for the victor. Cheer as the Desert Boys quench their thirst with soup cups. Smash that re-gifted Polaroid and stand up for the country you love as some all american shenanigans go down from the scorched deserts to the happiest place on earth.

Talking Points

  • Hanging with Dreambreakers, Signature Gus ™ is born, and a night at Disneyland with a little bit of elbow room. 
  • Larry David-esque attempts at assimilation. 
  • Gus and Hammer take the US Citizenship Test. 
  • Desert Boys Adventures Volume 1 with soup cups and oversized novelty games. 
  • Christmas Time in July. 
  • Flat tires and Teslas. 
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy: Breakout, Little Big Dog's Gamma Ray, and a high that put Mark in some serious Artie Lang level trouble. 
  • Racking up that Best Buy credit. 
  • Above Steak Poor but below Nigerian Prawn Poor. 
  • Challenging the open minds hanging out at T-Birds' Thong Contest and going nuts for the dream Wild Babe represented.