605 - The Audience Speaks

Workshop Week came out swinging with five straight days of chicken nugget filled episodes covering a wide array of topics every creative professional needs to have in their tool belt. With hours of top quality content streaming into your earholes its only natural to assume a question or two might arise as you think about how to apply everything you learned to your own career. The Audience Speaks is a way for Mark and Sean to address those concerns and provide some further insight towards making each and every workshop actually work for you. Don't miss this episode because odds are someone else asked the question you might have been afraid to call in with.

Talking Points

  • The difference between Master Of One and AID as podcasts. 
  • Loosening up The Real Mark Brickey, Infallible Gods reveal their true nature, and other parental problems.
  • Road trips that define our character. 
  • Avoiding the impulse buy and determining you're fun money up front. 
  • Building a better financial relationship and budgeting for an escape that inspires your inner dialogue. 
  • Solo work and collaborative pieces in your portfolio and why including both are important. 
  • Your career is worth more than the artwork. 
  • Getting your partner to budget with you and communicating like two pros working together. 
  • Managing your money when you have none and knowing what you need to do to stay sane. 
  • Keeping some consistent contact information across every page of a presentation to make sure people always know where it came from.

Get the entire scoop on cover pages and presenting professional looking work to your client's with a workshop from Mark Brickey and The Godfather of AID, Billy Baumann.

There are plenty of money saving tips that Mark and Sean had to learn the hard way in this workshop devoted to padding your savings account and staying ready for the rough road ahead.

Mark and Sean expanded on some finer portfolio points but be sure you get everything from the boys of DKNG on their workshop filled with portfolio do's and don'ts.