602 - Social Media Advertising with DKNG Studios

Pull back the curtain on social media marketing and uncover methods that yield the results you're after. The design powerhouse that is DKNG Studios and podcaster extraordinaire Mark Brickey share their strategies that work inside of and outside of the algorithms governing social media advertising. Debunk the boost and get into the long game that can increase your brand awareness, capture sales, or grow your audience. With so many continually shifting variables advertising through social networks can be feel intimidating or fruitless causing you to give up too soon. This workshop will help lay down the groundwork for a long term plan that can help you accomplish your advertising goals with field tested advice from creatives you trust.  

Talking Points

  • Define your social media goals up front.

  • Debunking the boost and fine tuning how to get something out of it.

  • Adults go to the Facebook Ads Manager to build and expand their audience.

  • Using Start Today as a case study for effective advertising on social media.

  • Crafting your audience to maximize sales, or fans, or acquiring new customers.

  • Awareness and analytics.

  • Setting up a long term plan for success with social media advertising.

  • Can you get better results by taking your money elsewhere?

  • Make an ad that doesn't feel like an ad.

  • Organic marketing and bonding with your audience.

  • Advertising without a budget.

  • Buying likes or buying followers and perceived value.

  • Theoretically operating outside of The Christian Way.


This is the birth of buying followers or buying likes debacle that haunted Mark when AID 594 premiered. Hear the initial rumblings of working with Social Media Pirates and bucking the system Instagram imposed on us.

There's more to marketing than the chosen medium. Be it Snapchat or a Super Bowl Ad Paul Gaudio gives us a peek at how Addidas approaches their audience and telling an entire story that social media is just one component of.

Mark and DKNG give you a sneak peek at some of the concepts expanded upon in this chapter of The DKNG Show. However, don't stop there because these episodes are jam packed with applicable information about design.