578 - Seasons of The Snake No.006 - Summer 2017 with Ben Neuhaus and Miranda Malloy of SnakeOilProvisions.com

Seasons Of The Snake returns bigger and better than ever as Ben and Miranda take on the summer season. With a brand new location and a larger footprint in Long Beach your favorite high end men's fashion retailers have hit the ground running with the latest drops from Stevenson Overall Co., Rogue Territory, and more. SOP also has a new face around the store taking photos and helping to visually define the look and feel of every piece that makes it through their doors and onto their shelves. Even with all the changes these two California transplants have recently fought through to open their new spot, there is even more on the horizon for them. Between landing an account with Double RL and the addition of some very sought after Vans this summer is sure to once again redefine what Snake Oil Provisions can do.

Talking Points

  • From four hundred to eight hundred square feet. 
  • Volume Three for Snake Oil Provisions. 
  • Running or crawling to filling up the new, even larger spot. 
  • Strategizing for smart business. 
  • Finding the face of SOP and living the trash panda life. 
  • Sticking with authenticity for organic success. 
  • Buying efficient pieces for your wardrobe. 
  • Stevenson Overall Co. bringing their best for the latest spring drop. 
  • The boutique side of Levi's sold in select retailers only and made by Americans all thanks to Number 45. 
  • Cutting through the noise to land a new brand at Snake Oil Provisions. 
  • Welcoming Double RL and their working classic look as a brand inside the brand. 
  • The quest for RJ, using out of office replies, and the two prerequisites that were already met. 
  • Separating the men from the boys and tapping into California's greatest resource. 
  • Stop dying on the vine. 
  • Getting Off The Wall in June. 
  • How does the world know you're wearing premium quality clothing?
  • A monumental acquisition to overcome the (literally) back breaking work of making Snake Oil look so damn good. 
  • Shooting Mark at Disneyland. 
  • The 0.03% of guys that try and pick you apart in explicit detail instead of figuring out how to do it themselves. 
  • Think critically and lean into your success. 
  • Dancing around the big zinger for the new spot and saving the day by working inside your network. 
  • Store homelessness. 
  • Becoming your own contractor and still shipping out your product under some less than ideal circumstances. 
  • Appreciating what you have when it gets temporarily taken away. 
  • Life costs money and negotiating high. 
  • How badly does Snake Oil Provisions need a brick and mortar location?
  • Your customers can see the ups and downs of your life. 
  • Tied down to your open hours.
  • A tribute to the left of center who brought downtown back.  

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