576 - Breaking News

The International Bromance joins forces to create the best worldwide podcast reporting network for this week's edition of Breaking News. Taking questions from across the globe and using their collective, road hardened, and time tested knowledge to bring you the answers you need. In this episode Mark and Sean go over everything from professional courtesy in the creative field to managing your productivity after life's big moments. Are you hung up on what the man wants more than what you want? Do you know what you need to do before your first craft show? Will Mark shave his head and beard? The answers will be revealed during this Breaking News.

Talking Points

  • Making PG talks and NC-17 talks for your respective audiences. 
  • Sensitivity, senses of humor, and letting your guard down. 
  • Getting to the other side. 
  • Communication, expectations, and dealing with less than professional help lacking the job pride you need for speedy service. 
  • What will Skillshare think of Mark's language and the search for confederate flag bean bags? 
  • Move past the minutia and just get going instead of worrying about the man.
  • Should you save your tag line?
  • Defending the dream. 
  • Leaving the light on for James Flames. 
  • The mysteries of the Risograph revealed (a little bit). 
  • A slew of tips for first timers at Renegade from taking cash to hanging prints.  
  • Recreating Minor Threat photos at the Mouse House and other Disneyland related stories. 
  • Checking in on WMC Fest. 
  • Post-child productivity levels at the Mort household and getting back to normality. 
  • If things ramp up how will Sean balance everything?
  • The greatest risk for the greatest reward and how it affects your old goals.
  • Long cons, drips, stabs, and time management techniques in creativity. 
  • Stacking up before you have to clock out for a while. 
  • Shipping small, flat prints. 
  • Automation for efficiency. 


Hey guess what?!? That talk Mark was mentioning is completely laid out and fully realized in our first workshop: The Mission Of Trust. This is the first of ten "cassettes" that will put you on the right path.

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Hammer, Mark, and Gus start their blossoming friendship on the second installment of Hammer Time. It;s only a matter of time until Mark makes that Minor Threat photo recreation happen.