Copy of 565 - Derek Welch

Life doesn’t always turn out the way you expect it to. There are times that you are on the fast track to success at your own design firm and out of nowhere you are diagnosed with a fist sized brain tumor that will change everything about your life. Derek Welch was heading up Big Giant after a long run building his name at Nike, when he found himself inexplicably blacking out. Doctors quickly discovered the root of the problem and after a complicated surgery and a few near death visuals, Derek found himself playing by a whole new set of rules for the rest of his life. Ever the creative problem solver, Derek embraced his changes and turned a bump in the road into something that made him stronger. This is a story of acceptance, of change, and the long road to happiness we are all on.

Talking Points

  • The music that is an unforgettable part of you and the search for heavier and harder stuff. 
  • Creativity that pays. 
  • Staying plugged into youth culture when you're geographically nowhere near it. 
  • Hitting the ground running after college at a design firm. 
  • Passing on Nike's first offer, image design, and finding the right path to where you want to be. 
  • The longer you stay around the less you end up designing. 
  • Starting your own thing and seeing all the right signs to build a rocket ship in eight months. 
  • Blackouts in the bathroom, fist sized brain tumors, and starting to cope with Suicidal Tendencies. 
  • Visions from the edge of life. 
  • Are you prepared for an uncertain financial future?
  • Three surgeries, a kick ass scar, and life after brain surgery. 
  • Acceptance, work, and the basic requirements to function. 
  • Creativity on a whole new schedule. 
  • Metalheads till death and making music all on your own. 
  • Post-Client Screenprinting and getting your work to good enough. 
  • Dealing with mortality like the rest of us. 
  • The simple stuff that will blow your mind when you slow down to enjoy it. 
  • Routines, plans, and retirement life from a coffee shop. 
  • Aging out of the demographic you wish you were in. 
  • Love and people.
  • Will you start making lame art when you're older?
  • The best thing that ever happened to Derek. 

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