547 - AID Live featuring The Hood Sisters and Dave Kloc

Adventures In Design returns to take over Fairfax and things get deep with Amy and Jennifer Hood of Hoodzpah Design and Dave Kloc. Unpacking the why behind what you do can be an elusive answer to truly pin down. In a world of endless possibilities which one (or two, or three) will you pick to latch onto and ride into the sunset of satisfaction and accomplishment. The Hood Sisters know a thing or two about design having run a successful boutique agency for over a half decade and went on to launch Odds And Sods to celebrate the world around them that they love. Dave Kloc pushes forward in a new studio with a semi auto that brings some much needed shoulder relief and a little more time for the better things in life like hockey and sandwiches. Set you goals and learn from some of the best out there as they let us into what truly drives them to wake up each day and make something from nothing.

Talking Points

  • If you think cutting off your hand is a good idea, think again. 
  • Rising above the daily grind and keeping your eyes on the bigger picture. 
  • How do you make less?
  • Hoodzpah Design on tour and out of body. 
  • Checking the tape and overanalyzing your performance. 
  • Buying your own bullshit and then curating it online to move more units. 
  • Perceived value in social media. 
  • Tricking your clients with their own words to get the approval. 
  • Bad movies, preview monitors on sitcoms, and the Justin Bieber mentality. 
  • Apologizing for something small to get the jury on your side. 
  • Finding the legs for your brand with the places you love. 
  • Deliberately trying to emulate Converse. 
  • The process to create an Odds And Sods broach and being able to take a risk. 
  • The K Man goes face first into every day and got access to a semi auto press. 
  • Avoiding the inspirational walk to keep your creative process pure. 
  • Breaking into packaging and relying on Tokyo Dave or AliBaba.com
  • The pressure of being the only one approving the art and the balance of client approved work. 
  • Taking yourself out on a date to keep your mojo flowing. 
  • Who's listening to what you're doing?
  • The Alpaca Scam in the design world and becoming a personality to work with. 
  • Chasing money, employees, and trying to have it all. 
  • Telling your clients to wait. 
  • Expanding past a one man show and the quick hire list. 
  • Are you ahead or behind what your younger dreams were?
  • Xeroxed greeting cards as entrepreneurial trial and error. 
  • Getting lapped, seeing yourself differently, and wondering what you might have done wrong.
  • The growing gap between skill, experience, and waiting for life to happen to you. 
  • You aren't getting straight to the goal right out the gate. 
  • Are you the person you want to be?
  • The world doesn't owe you anything. 

This episode is the unveiling of the Odds And Sods on AID and gives us the backstory on where the genesis of these unncessary neccesaries came from.

Get deeper with two Dave's as the K-Man and Dave Smith professional pivots that get you closer to what you want to be doing with your gift of creativity.

This old school Shop Talk with just Mark and Billy is the birth of the Alpaca Scam concept and gives both Mark and Billy's take on what is their driving motivator's these days.