544 - Breaking News with Sean Mort

Breaking News takes another full swing at answering the questions you're struggling with. The International Bromance unflinchingly tackles any issue with their collective three decades of trial and error experience out in the real world and a couple of late night shifts screenprinting in their underwear just trying to get things done. They know where you've been, understand your struggles firsthand, and have boldly come back to help lead the way through life's difficulties to the greener pastures that await. Mix in some humor, a brand new baby, and some hard hitting advice to make up the next installment of an episode geared entirely towards taking you to the next level of being a creative professional, Breaking News.

Talking Points

  • What happens when dietary restrictions are lifted?
  • Patches arrives!
  • A big "Must Be Nice" moment. 
  • Sunday morning podcasting problems. 
  • Hate watching Taboo and the importance of staying three steps ahead. 
  • The potential future of AID and why the show goes on the road. 
  • Working through your restrictions to make something incredible. 
  • Small thinking for big opportunities. 
  • Adding style where you can and making your story engaging. 
  • Give yourself permission to work your way into the game. 
  • What to watch out for when finding agents, lawyers, or representation. 
  • Gauging your talent levels and using your friends connections. 
  • Finding the right conference to attend and investing in yourself. 
  • Reverend Herschel Cotton's inspirational creativity sermon featuring Brother Mort on the keys. 
  • Liabilities and firewalls. 
  • Early contracts, work sketches, and messing with the variables. 
  • AID baby meet ups. 
  • Hendry The Newborn gets too big for his britches. 
  • Being more Talking Dead than Walking Dead. 
  • Dealing with interrupters and baby steps toward doing what you want to do. 
  • Bringing in your side hustle and potential contract violations. 
  • Staying Free As A Freelancer as a Workshop instead of a lecture. 
  • Explaining inside jokes about your new baby to the rest of the family. 
  • The "Act As If" mentality. 
  • Getting paralyzed by fear and the notion to keep moving... literally. 
  • Put time on the board in small increments sponsored by Random.Org
  • Uncovering what your three steps ahead are to stay out of a downward spiral. 


The Mission Of Trust kicks off with a search for yourself that will ground everything you build over the next nine cassettes.

It's time to get your dreams out of your head and onto a very long piece of paper that you'll fill with every aspiration you have.

Time seems to be your biggest enemy until you learn to harness it to work for you and leverage as much time as you have.