540 - Breaking News


The Breaking News Team is back in the saddle of answering your questions and keeping abreast of world issues and not so worldly issues. Mark Brickey and Sean Mort return with their decades of hardened experience and bottomless wisdom to fearlessly face the difficult problems you've been struggling with and can't quite figure out. Who exactly is Rick From Marketing? Are Daily Challenges a waste of time or a launchpad towards success? How do I grow my business and keep what I've already got? Mix these introspective answers in with some ruminations on official Disney Princesses, the Screamin' Demons you hear all the time, and a direct example of the art of negotiation to get everything you want to make another incredible day at Breaking News Headquarters for Circle Of Trust Members only.

Talking Points

  • Paying attention to the people you're with and breaking the shackles of notifications.
  • Giving up free breakfasts and the catch of Mark's friendship.
  • Savoring Salt Lick.
  • Patches is already being stubborn.
  • Traveling for your friends.
  • The interview of Shepard Fairey you may never hear.
  • Personal collections with personal value instead of financial value.
  • A half brother feud over Hong Kong Disneyland.
  • Should Princess Leia be an official Disney princess?
  • Staying on brand at the happiest place on earth.
  • The X-Men timeline going on in Sean's pants.
  • Falling into the world of design and the perspective on your pivots that come with age.
  • Does Mark need therapy?
  • Finding the relatable rub to make it real.
  • Failing to reconstruct yourself.
  • Role models and proper perspectives for everyone.
  • A call for more Robert From Chicago.
  • Rick From Marketing rears his ugly head.
  • Finding briefs you want to adhere to and the daily challenges that can give you some momentum.
  • Balancing stress to adhere to a completely made up schedule.
  • Turning your prints into social media content.
  • Unveiling the outro song origin story.
  • Building a career and making a good deal work without ruining you.
  • The art of negotiation and a well thought out example.
  • Exploitation of labor and passing jobs back and forth between your friends.
  • Brokering jobs, building relationships, and keeping your stake in the game.
  • Everyone's favorite pilot makes a pretty big blunder and just doesn't give a single shit.