516 - A Shop Talk Special with bigSTORY's Mike Bonifer

We are on the cusp of a new story unfolding and there is no one better to speak with than Mike Bonifer from bigSTORY about the narrative in front of us. Mike has spent his career analyzing how to engage your audience through effective communication and his take on America's recent election of Donald Trump and what lies ahead is an invaluable source of information for us to use and apply in our own lives. From Brain Drain in rural America to the media's role in giving the wrong voice the megaphone, this special Shop Talk covers a lot of ground that lead us to where we are today. Perhaps the larger question is where do we go next and Mike and Mark provide ample ideas in that realm as well. At least we know the advice coming out of Mike's mouth is nothing but good bullshit.

Talking Points

  • ERGO and honoring all the voices in a story.
  • Why storytellers who bend the narrative past the truth will win.
  • Locker Room Talk on an emotional and meta level without any pushback.
  • Pinning the fine print on Hillary.
  • Brain Drain in small towns that are feeling left behind.
  • Taking the bait that turns America into an endless string of strip malls.
  • Joining the narrative of local, structured resistance.
  • Learning to improvise and improve our polyculture.
  • Actually doing the work that was discussed in our philanthropic meetings.
  • Why aren't more artist's risking their fame to stand up for what is right?
  • Tearing down a trillion dollar industry one brick at a time.
  • Good Bullshit / Bad Bullshit
  • Leaving mass media behind to get your message out.
  • Taking the first bus out of Rerun City.
  • Is your starting point realistic and intentional?
  • The hunger for creativity and finding where it fits.
  • Was Disney's acquisition of Marvel a bad deal?
  • Honoring the concerns of the collective mind.
  • Misguided concepts of heroism.
  • The media's responsibility in handing the megaphone to a voice that didn't deserve it.
  • Looking at the other side of the bathtub.
  • Articulating your intention to let your story guide you.
  • The importance in staying alert.
  • One for the studio and one for you.
  • Acting on your instincts.
  • The real danger happening today and trusting outsiders.