506 - Mark Brickey and Sean Mort

The International Bromance of the decade returns and this year its for Circle Of Trust Members only. Settle in as Mark and Sean ease into the latest programming  update in the AID Universe and cover everything from breaking down your dreams to bite sized goals to staying in the right mindset as the new year kicks off. Tony Mendez joins in for a review of Rogue One and everything surrounding Star Wars and it's future. Adventures In Design is back and there is no better way to welcome in 2017 than hanging out with your favorite podcaster and his Snicket Sidekick with all new segments honoring the Yellow 44 and Tell It Like It is.

Talking Points

  • Fixing a whole new identity problem.
  • Was it ever Breaking News or just repetitive nonsense?
  • A tribute to the heroes of The Yellow 44.
  • Handling the holidays at home and the stillness post-christmas.
  • Tell It Like It Is: What White People Really Want To Say.
  • Time sucks when you're not working.
  • Stacking up your three week victories and breaking down what is too overwhelming.
  • Goals you'll never reach and giving up on your dreams.
  • Meeting the wrong people and the importance of self evaluation.
  • The application of your talent.
  • The official AID Rogue One Review with Tony Mendez.
  • Story strategies and ending on Freebird.
  • How Ruth ruined Rogue One.
  • Theater reactions the week of and one month later.
  • Predicting what's next in the Star Wars Universe while weighing the risk on Lucasfilm.
  • Is 2016 the new standard for losing celebrities?
  • Brickey finishes Westworld and Sean has some insight into Season 2.
  • This Is Us as a new Friday Night Lights.
  • Terrorism on the front lines of the art world.
  • Dreading what 2017 has in store as we leap out of the frying pan and into the fire.
  • Finding the right mindset.