504 - Tube 02: Weird Sin Preview Pop Up Shop by Your Cinema

Besch is back and he and Trump have one big thing in common... 2016 was a great year for them. Since we last checked in with Ryan and Your Cinema he has been firing on all cylinders and making his presence felt in the world around him. From finding his Building Block Clients to developing multiple passive income streams you could say he took some of that Tough Love to heart back in January. This episode is filled with practical work advice from a creative on the rise and stepping back into his own and sharing his well researched color palettes, inking techniques, and halftones that will make you beg for more. Finally, Ryan will be getting some much deserved time in the spotlight between his growing popularity and expanding network of creatives that will make 2017 an incredible year for him. 

Talking Points

  • An AID success story.
  • Exploding on Instagram and analyzing what your audience wants.
  • Showing what you;re capable of to get hired for it.
  • Phish as a career barometer.
  • Stepping over to the seedy side of the street.
  • The alleged Black Face Pig and why you never feed the pigeons.
  • Cutting your creative vision loose.
  • Putting the work into linework.
  • Coming out of your shell once you realize there is nothing to lose.
  • The importance of feedback from other artists.
  • Screenprinting the Home Depot way.
  • Personal projects and finding your building blocks.
  • A DVD player that Tarantinos any movie.
  • Seeing snow as a necessity to start the season.
  • Piggybacking your products into a client's order.
  • Besch's best brushes and big tips in illustration.
  • Selling your Halftone Habits.
  • Research to recreate retro magic.
  • Building a color palette based off old comics and cheap printing techniques.
  • Picking what products to produce to stay diverse.
  • Brainstorming an activity pack for scumbags that will grow your legend.
  • Questioning callbacks in the creative profession.
  • Dealing with content troublemakers and reverse comment trolling.
  • Building your own icons in your own universe with their own meanings.
  • Handling the surge.