492 - I'm With Her... Women in business, design, and contemporary art with Tara McPherson, Julie B, Whitney Kerr, and Junko Mizuno

The live episodes from Designer Con continue with a panel of four women at the forefront of the contemporary art world. Using their unique blend of creativity and business sense Tara McPherson, Julie B, Whitney Kerr, and Junko Mizuno have become powerful voices in the design community around them. What are the struggles these women have faced from board rooms to blank canvases and has gender played a significant role in their careers? How has our cultures surge in technology affected artist's abilities to share their stories with a broader audience? Mark asks the questions you need answers to from this diverse panel of women whose abilities span the entire gamut of the creative spectrum. Today's intro also contains a holiday surprise from Jordan Buckley of jbww.com and Every Time I Die.

Talking Points in the Jordan Buckley Intro

  • Falling asleep to the sound of counting cash.
  • Releasing the album of your career.
  • Waiting six months to find out if you creatively missed the mark.
  • Progressing in your craft while still connecting with your audience.
  • Casting smaller nets.
  • Taking your number at the Supply And Demand Deli.
  • Missing song six and seven at Amateur Hour.
  • JBWW.com moves into merchandising.
  • Trial and error till death.
  • A real life "can you imagine" moment and balancing work with life.
  • Staying Productive on and off the road.

Talking Points in I'm With Her... Women in business, design, and contemporary art

  • Returning to Pasadena, a split booth, a personal affirmation, and facing new challenges.
  • Rotofugi's redemption and a future in Chicago.
  • A Tara Show versus a Junko Show.
  • The excitement in collaboration.
  • Starting your career with the creative tools available today compared to the Nineties.
  • Interacting with your own work in real life.
  • Coaching artists through their first 3D experience.
  • The pros and cons of the internet on an artist's career.
  • Pausing your career and becoming the Partridge Family of posters.
  • Motherhood, business, and the opportunities you can't say no to.
  • The moment you knew it would work.
  • Patching up your Net 90 Holes.
  • Staying unrealistic in Tokyo and outlasting your parent's alternate expectations.
  • Drawn to bondage.
  • Female sexuality from a female perspective.
  • Exploring existential angst while retaining your strength.
  • Do you respond to the feedback of your fans?
  • Accepting help and handing off power.
  • Trusting yourself to make the right decision.
  • Keeping a balance of health and wealth.
  • Bringing the family into the business.
  • Uncovering the mystery behind gender biased color palettes.
  • Value, saturation, and making your colors resonate.
  • Following the paper and abandoning your monitor.
  • The greatest moment in a creative career.