484 - Shop Talk Special Report with Billy Baumann and Aaron Sechrist

So... maybe you got some news the other day you weren't quite expecting. Maybe you're feeling a bit uncertain about the future as you thought you knew it. Take a deep breath. Now another. Mark Brickey, Billy Baumann and OK Pants bring you a Special Report Shop Talk about the recent US Election results and the projected impact it will have. What does this mean for our economy and your independence? What does this mean for our neighbors and their children? Are frisbees finally cool? It's times like these that hearing a friend or three talk about what sits on the very near horizon once the Presidency changes hands can soothe a few nerves and answer a few questions about what to expect as the signs of doom and gloom fill our social media feeds from friends and heroes alike. Join Adventures In Design for an open dialogue about the state of our nation for the next four years and how it will affect the creative marketplace.

Talking Points

  • Shifting to a surprise and the creeping needle.
  • New and innovative ways to lose for four years.
  • Bracing for the next recession and prepping your portfolio for a leaner time.
  • Hearing your peers talk about what's in your head.
  • Ending divisiveness in America and still speaking up.
  • Sore losers and doing your best to listen to others.
  • Molotov cocktail voting to bring down the system in place.
  • The sad and shocking silent majority rises.
  • Starting the change thats cool and not laughing off what isn't cool at the dinner table.
  • Watching someone else get what you thought was promised to you.
  • Thriving in the midst of difficulty and Mark's promise to AID Listeners.
  • Losing our political Turducken.
  • Blowing the dog whistle on the frisbee market and plugging through the sorrows.
  • The first ever "Thanks Trump" and some real fears about another trickle down economics government.
  • What if even Glen Beck is dumbfounded?
  • Contingency plans and cart wrangling.
  • Talking to the other side of the aisle.
  • The catch twenty two of working lean and letting employees go.
  • Unexpected outcomes from being friendly.
  • Boss battles and the boundaries set for a better business.
  • A 14 Nail Box work environment and being manipulated through your desire to improve.
  • Squirreling money away and the anxiety over a quiet inbox.
  • Finding the time to create.
  • Do Delicious' back up plans excite Billy more than their current state?
  • The transition from print work to experience design.
  • Projecting yourself larger than life.
  • Unintentional comedy from corporations.
  • ToiletCobra, T0ilet_Cobra, and a troll complaining about being trolled to Instagram.
  • Functional Bosom Buddies.
  • What if we're wrong...

Original Post

Break Glass In Case of Emergency!

A special Shop Talk recorded earlier this morning to help keep you company on this crazy day. The election threw everything off course, including our release schedule. The next couple of days things will be a little different, so that we can better serve you during this unique moment in history where we believe you'll need your friends more now than ever!

Warning: This Is Tomorrow's Episode 12 Hours Early Only For The Circle of Trust