471 - Shop Talk / Poster Countdown with Billy Baumann, Mitch Putnam, and OK Pants


Disclaimer: These are not the objectively ten best posters from the month of September. These are Billy's favorites from the month of September

It's a full house with no Tanners in sight with another AID Universe Crossover as our beloved Shop Talk and the Top Ten OMGposters.com Countdown meet once again. Shop Talk kicks off with Mark, Billy, and Aaron analyzing the political climate in America under the Netflix Generation and introduce a very pertinent Locker Room Talk segment to make a point about where we draw the line. Mitch Putnam steps in with his unique perspective from the poster world to kick off the another countdown hand selected by Billy. By critiquing the composition, color, and craft of the best ten posters from September we can recognize and improve upon those same elements in our own work. Looking at these pieces gives us incredible working examples of controlling the viewers eye, using negative space as an illustrative element, and how abstract elements add visual interest to traditional pieces. The boys are in fine form this Friday so get out your drum and start banging.

Talking Points

  • Hillary Hussein Clinton, the Warm Emperor we were hoping for, and the Wild West of American Politics. 
  • The endless options of the Netflix Generation and the undecided.
  • Getting America to go high with you and the all new Locker Room Talk segment. 
  • The seniority we hate and the safe space racists try and bait you with. 
  • Backstabbing, bro-Ing down, and being mic'ed up. 
  • Making indifferent republicans ride their inferno into the ground.
  • How Donald trump uses sexual assault victims as human shields.
  • How far is rock bottom and the surprisingly small lead for Hilary?
  • orking the name into the artwork.
  • ontrolling the eye of the viewer.
  • Letting creatives work within a series and the rules that guide it. 
  • Subliminal influencing and keeping a series excitin.
  • Costume love influences the countdown.
  • Loose illustration styles and not deliberately designing for screenprinting.
  • Being crazy enough to work in Flash or Macromedia.
  • Subject matter matters and getting out into the drum circle. 
  • Color theory at work in defining the spatial relations.
  • Adjusting your composition to fit in what you want to include.
  • elling a story through vignettes and the dangers of cinema collage. 
  • Using white space to keep the eye moving and making every visual element flat.
  • Likeness rights and two disappearing aspects in the licensing world.
  • Omg Posters releases their first book.
  • Telling a story inside your illustration while showing depth with color. 
  • Cloud Pioneers in the poster world and avoiding the tropes of your industry.
  • Marks dream TV show and Billy's poster that never wa.
  • The fun in illustratio.
  • Teagan's Anti American Baseball Stance.
  • Making the beautiful ugly.
  • European faces that overrun female Illustrations.
  • Drawings that introduce abstract elements to generate interest.
  • Taking your illustration skills to the next level and actually make art.
  • Diamond Dust from Pressure Printing and conjoining the mediums of screenprinting and giclee. 
  • Cancelling Paris to go to Farrah's Froco.
  • Casey Kasem's nightmare transition.


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