452 - Shop Talk / Poster Countdown with Billy Baumann and Mitch Putnam

Bang the drum and start up the countdown because this Shop Talk is another mashup in the AID Universe. Mitch Putnam is back in the James Flames chair, Billy has made all of the selections for the July/August OMGposters.com Countdown, and Mark is steering the ship through whatever gets thrown their way. Mondo HQ is fully operational and ready for art shows and bartering babysitting deals that could turn Billy's world upside down. A brand new segment called "Hey! That's Cool!" with Billy debuts with a theme song, a four star grading scale, and a whole new side of The Cobra we've never seen. Mark has got his hands full unofficially guiding the countdown across two whole months and even gets pulled back in to talking about the F Word one last last time. This is one hell of a way to kick off your weekend so crank up your stereo and blast this across your respective workspace.

Talking Points

  • Avoid moving at all costs.
  • The commitment to media creation on a regular basis.
  • Invoicing on both sides of the coin.
  • The mysterious way The Cobra moves.
  • Expected influences when you're sharing spaces.
  • A giclee disqualification.
  • The death of the Dollar Menu and the best Mc Donald's commercial that doesn't exist yet.
  • Design elements that are too clever for your own good.
  • Different talent. Different scale.
  • Storytelling within a poster.
  • The pros and cons of giving an artist more time.
  • Repeating elements across a diptych.
  • Behind the scenes hurdles on minimal imagery.
  • How interpretive can you be with Marvel's properties?
  • The levels of approval for Disney IP's.
  • Selecting an illustrative style that matches your subject matter.
  • Blending infographics and movie posters.
  • Unexpected decisions that fill Billy with delight.
  • Crossing over from galleries to posters.
  • The limitations of a .jpeg when showing your work.
  • The double edged sword of success and how it effects our expectations.
  • Watership Down Rubik's Cubes.
  • Art shows and Dustbusters at the new Mondo HQ.
  • OMG Posters Pre-order and paying Mitch to make the grade.
  • Are books worth making in today's market?
  • Astropads turning iPad's into Cintiqs.
  • Will Anne get Brickey'd and maintaining your momentum.
  • Color paper and mixing inks.
  • Finding the Batcave and great band name thats up for grabs.
  • Drawing too realistically and the perception of talent by your audience.
  • Texture, form, and the difficulties in illustrating light.
  • "Hey! That's Cool!" with Billy Baumann.
  • Intriguing posters that don't feature the central character(s).
  • The collectibility of misprints.
  • Buying art that challenges you.
  • Generating reference photos for unique points of view.
  • Mitch brings up the F Word and discouraging an open dialogue about change.

Eventually Everything Connects by Loris Lora
3 out of 4 Cools
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Marc Davis: Walt Disney's Renaissance Man by Disney Book Group
4 out of 4 Cools
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Kaptain Kristian YouTube Channel by Kristian Williams
2 out of 4 Cools
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