443 - Shop Talk with Brickey, Baumann and Flames "The End of Summer"

Episode 442 Shop Talk (Notes By: Tony Lee Mendez)

Bang the drum and FIGURATIVELY kill your boss, because it’s Friday! Shop Talk with Billy, James, and Mark is here to remind you the summer is OVER. Let that sink in for a moment while the AID holy trinity has a healthy discussion about summertime sadness and how to get past it. A new segment is introduced with the enthusiasm that only Billy can deliver. Stranger things happen when James has us question our reality and our memory. The guys dish on unsolicited critiques, while looking forward to the future of the creative workforce, as well as the path we all follow. Hear Billy and James’ thoughts on the Print Mafia interview, and help yourself to some oh so delicious chicken nuggets of knowledge in the form of how to keep an eye on cash flow, and how you can use the real numbers brought up on the show as a tool to help yourself. The Olympics are over, and the summer may be winding down, but AID is just getting warmed up!

Talking Points

  • Jim Flames, the worst person imaginable.
  • Please don’t actually kill your boss.
  • Summer time sadness and the loss of identity.
  • Mark’s rule of making good-looking kids.
  • A vision of a perfect summer Olympic staycation.
  • Don’t friend Billy on FB, it’s not going to happen.
  • Tampopo.
  • A YouTube link is a good way to end a conversation.
  • The movies that suck you in.
  • The best scene in Goodfellas.
  • “Hey, that’s cool” with Billy.
  • Don’t tweet things that are cool to Billy, because they aren’t going to happen either.
  • Are we under attack?
  • Billy and James created Robert from Chicago’s super villain origin story.
  • The Mandela Effect and the Berenstain Bears.
  • Maybe James is onto something with jotting down your timeline.
  • Marilu Henner Mark.
  • Story telling and reinforcing your memories.
  • Mark can’t stop talking and he hates himself for it.
  • Unsolicited art critiques and dealing with it.
  • 50 hard knocks in the sky.
  • Bringing it back to environmental design.
  • Finding the path to design, or “How To Draw The Marvel Way”.
  • A look at the future of the creative workforce (just become a CrossFit instructor).
  • Billy and James’ thoughts on the Print Mafia interview.
  • The jobs no one knows about or “The Secret Life of James Flames”.
  • Cash flow and running your business on credit.
  • OBEY Taylor Swift’s Home.
  • Using real numbers to better yourself and not judge others.
  • Must be nice to be able to afford appetizers.

Show Notes

Links to items mentioned on this installment of “Hey, that’s cool” with Billy: