438 - Shop Talk with Sean Mort

It’s another episode of Shop Talk for the rich and famous!  Hollywood Mark Brickey and The People’s Champ Sean Mort are back to set things straight.  The dynamic duo delves into why success doesn’t necessarily mean fortune.  Meanwhile the conversation shifts to recent events that have transpired involving the discussion of the API.  Concerns are brought up on both sides, which leads to Mark having his final say on the matter.  Talk then turns to Brickey’s travels; being the jet setter that he is, Mark has come home with plenty of stories, like how he almost signed his own death warrant.  The guys then discuss the potential for a COT UK meet up in October at a pub (not bar).  Sean spills the beans on his upcoming shows and gives tips on how even YOU can win a free iPad!  And of course it wouldn’t be a Shop Talk without discussing movies.  Why are current westerns so bad at branding?  What does Mark think of Suicide Squad?  How does Sean really feel about the DC Cinematic Universe?  All of these burning questions and more answered in this week’s episode of Shop Talk!

Talking Points

  • Still catching our breath from all the Print Mafia real talk.
  • If you can afford Netflix you’re a jerk off.
  • Audience mentality and AID “selling out”.
  • Picking interviews and pleasing everyone.
  • The “F Word” is going in the Disney vault.
  • American Poster Institute versus the American Rock Poster Institute.
  • Standing up for what you believe in and being called a bully.
  • Mark lets bygones be bygones.
  • The 2nd Annual Winner Picks Dinner Putt Putt Tournament, or as I like to call it “now I really want White Castle”.
  • The joy of central air conditioning.
  • The real Mark Brickey is organized.
  • Mark Burglar.
  • Finding time for work and family while traveling.
  • Getting the junk food monkey off your back.
  • Mark is literally marrying everybody.
  • COT “BRENTRANCE” meetup?
  • Sean is doing an Etsy show; Mark gives him some booth pointers to let the little fellers shine.
  • RSS Radio, learn it, know it, live it.
  • Sean’s big Renegade Chicago news and the free iPad (that he hopefully gets to keep and is an iPad Pro).
  • Squarespace carnival barkers.
  • Recent Western film branding that has to have a number in the title.
  • Pratt, so hot right now. Pratt.
  • The top of the hour Rogue One alarm.
  • Suicide Squad, and why the DC Extended Universe sucks.
  • Being true to yourself.

Today's Show Notes Provided By Guest Contributor Tony Mendez

Hello COT!  This is Tony Mendez, the Stan Lee cameo of AID!  I’m a long time listener and COT member that’s had the honor and privilege of being on the show several times, as well as having my name randomly brought up mid conversation.  Born and raised in Chicago, my dream was to become a comic book artist.  I pursued art through to junior college until I eventually dropped out and stopped art altogether.  It would only be a few years later in 2008 when I would discover a little upstart called Mondo Tees that would rekindle my interest in art and turn me into an avid poster collector.  Due in great part to AID, I’ve recently decided to get serious about working on my art again in the hopes that I can one day design the screen printed posters that I love so much.