411 - Mike Anderson of Tankfarm & Co.

You can't fake authenticity whether its in business, family, or even with yourself. Tankfarm & Co. is built around an americana aesthetic that Mike Anderson was a part of before he was born. Surrounded by entrepreneurs, it only seemed logical he would take his life's calling into his own hands and start building a brand that would spread and diversify into every aspect of his day to day. The story of Tankfarm & Co. is an incredible example of what design and creativity can do for you not only in business, but in your personal life as well. With multiple avenues of income, decades of experience in the design world, and the support of his family Mike Anderson has a lot to share with the world when it comes to creating success. 

Talking Points

  • Being raised around entrepreneurship and jumping straight to B and B.
  • Making the call instead of waiting for it.
  • Swapping family discounts.
  • The importance of printing in house and fine tuning all your costs.
  • A bond of brothers.
  • Analyzing the ROI of your industry's status quo.
  • Changing with the times to get lean and mean.
  • Breaking your way into the world of cut and sew and finding your fit.
  • Minimums, garment dyes, and the difference in prebooks.
  • Deciding to go all in on retail.
  • Greedy Landlords lead to better things.
  • Having dibs at Pacific City and being in the middle of the California Dream.
  • Helping your friends and families grow their own businesses.
  • The pros and cons of an office in the community.
  • Becoming the customer for your own brand.
  • Overlapping income streams and rotating between the hot two.
  • Applying working concepts into other business aspects.
  • Designing for the consumer.
  • Collecting data on the front lines of retail.
  • Building a passionate team where everyone has pride in their department.
  • Completely understanding your costs.
  • Mob ties fir restaurants at the end of piers.
  • Bookkeepers and CPAs in your professional life.
  • Making each revenue stream independent for picture perfect analyzation.
  • Breaking down the divide of work and life.
  • Finding your niche.